Welcome to My Daily Mental.

This blog might be my equivalent of a mid life crisis sports car. After turning 40, I thought my mental health would be, well, healthier. The only thing that I have achieved, though, is the realization that being a passive participant doesn’t get you very far. Time’s passing…fast.

In my own introverted, fragile, closed off way, I’m ready to shake things up (albeit gently).

My Daily Mental is where I want to find my voice, create intent, and explore creativity. Take the drivers seat. Even if that’s starting in front of a computer screen at home. Baby steps.

I have no easy answers. No quick fixes.

But, what I do have is honesty, and vulnerability, and empathy for others that might also be struggling with anxiety and depression.


The blog is divided into:

  • journaling,
  • health, and
  • get it done (a.k.a. – self improvement for the rest of us).

I will be posting along the way as I bravely (if also hesitantly) work my way through my mental health challenges.

I hope My Daily Mental becomes not just a place for me to record my journey, but a resource and platform for others to find their own strengths and voice. If you’re new here, this might be a good place to start.

A little about me –

Some of my favorite things: libraries/bookstores, autumn, my two black cats

Some of my least favorite things: surprises, blue cheese, cocktail parties

Some of my favorite books: Pillars of the Earth, City of Thieves, In the Heart of the Sea, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Flight Behavior

Favorite movies: Atonement, Amadeus, When Harry Met Sally, Stars Wars (minus episodes 1-3. We’ll just pretend those never happened)

Random facts:

I was born with a congenital heart defect which has lead to 3 open heart surgeries, a cardiac ablation, and multiple other procedures.

I have my Master’s in Social Work.

After extensive research, I believe Jestine’s Kitchen has the best shrimp and grits in Charleston, SC. (82 Queen is a very close 2nd)

I’m a wife and mother to two quickly growing tweens.